Leister TWINNY T5 120V

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The new TWINNY T5 updated wedge welding machine for civil engineering, tunnelling, landfill etc where high quality geomembrane welding is required.

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The new Leister TWINNY T5 230V or 120V

Updated to achieve higher welding speeds of up to 6m/min, this new wedge welding machine from Leister comes in 230V and 120V variants.

It has been newly designed to be ergonomic for optimal handling and comes with many updated features.  Welding speeds up to 50% higher than the previous TWINNY T required a stronger drive motor and a more robust drive so now the new TWINNY T5 comes with double-row drive chains and a separate gearbox and motor for ease of maintenance.

With up to 3450W of heating power (1800W @ 120V), this is 1kW more power than the previous TWINNY T 230V.

To control this power Leister designed adjustable airflow, variable between 45-100% to suit the material and conditions.

All of this is controlled via the modern digital display which allows adjustment of air flow, temperature and drive speed.

In addition the TWINNY T5 now comes with mechanical welding pressure overload protection.

For compatability this machine uses the same drive rollers as the TWINNY T/S and COMET.

Product Highlights & Advantages

  • Ergonimic design
  • Simple operation and optimal handling
  • Higher welding speeds of up to 6m/min
  • Stronger, low maintenence brushed drive motor
  • Separate gearbox and motor
  • Significantly higher welding performance
  • Built-in element overheat protection
  • Modern digital controls (temperature, drive speed, blower speed, pressure display)
  • Perfect welding results even in harsh environments
  • Welding pressure overload protection (mechanical)
  • Universal – can be used with all weldable geomembranes
  • Easier to use / less burning of membranes at the start of welding
  • Easier to get good welding results with thinner materials
  • Contact system is more tolerant
  • Same combi-wedge for HDPE & PVC
  • Blows away dirt & dries up moisture quickly

Technical data: TWINNY T5

  • Voltage V: 230 / 120V
  • Power W: 3450 / 1800
  • Temperature ºC: 80 – 560
  • Air Volume: 45 – 100%
  • Speed: 0.8 – 6.0 m/min
  • Welding pressure: 100 – 1000 N
  • Max. overlap: 125 mm
  • Welding seam width: 50 mm (2 x 15 mm with test channel)*
  • Material thickness: 0.5 – 3.0 mm
  • Size (L × W × H) mm: 323 × 360 × 259
  • Weight: 9.9 kg

* Other configurations available