Leister TRIAC AT Plastic Welding Kit

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LEISTER’s TRIAC AT is now available as a Plastic Welding Kit along with a range of nozzles and a selection of welding rod, ideal for plastic repair processes.

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Leister TRIAC AT Plastic Welding Kit

The robust TRIAC AT hot air tool supplied in the kit is digitally controlled, used for joining thermoplastic plastic materials such as HDPE, PP, PVC or even ABS.

The TRIAC AT 120v can set temperature and blower speeds independently of each other for even better welding control. The hot air tool’s digital display system gives the operator the flexibility to easily adjust the temperature while its close loop technology can keep its temperature regulated despite any on site fluctuations. With its comprehensive suite of diagnostic software, the TRIAC AT’s LCD display will even tell you when it is time for the brushes to be replaced or time for a service!

The Plastic Welding Kit also contains LEISTER’s 5mm Tubular Nozzle (100.303) designed as an adapter nozzle and made from precision engineered stainless steel. A 5.7mm Triangular Speed Weld Nozzle (106.992) which is designed to push fit onto the adapter nozzle is also supplied.

There is a 5mm Tacking Jet Nozzle (106.996) used to tack plastic structures together along with a 3mm Round Speed Weld Nozzle (106.989).

To complete the kit, a Rotary Burr and Mixed Bundle of welding rod is included, made up of 3m each of the following ABS, Xenoy, HDPE, PP, PPEPDN and PVC materials.

Kit Contains:

  • Leister TRIAC AT
  • Leister 5mm Nozzle
  • Leister Tacking Jet
  • Leister 3mm Round Speed Weld Nozzle
  • Leister 5.7mm Triangular Speed Weld Nozzle
  • Rotary Burr
  • Mixed Welding rod