Leister WELDPLAST S2 230V for Plastic Welding

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Independent setting of temperature and blower speed and an output of 2kg/hour make the WELDPLAST S2 from Leister the professional fabricator’s first choice in hand extruders.

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Digitally Controlled 2.3kg/h Plastic Extrusion Gun

Compact hand held extrusion gun with a welding speed of up to 2.3kg/h. The established flagship of the plastic welding range, the Leister WELDPLAST S2 is a truly fantastic hand extruder that will enable you to weld plastic materials of all types, particularly HDPE and PP. The digital controls of the extruder enable the separate setting of plasticiser temperature and blower speeds which means that the gun can be fine tuned for a variety of materials.

Key Features

  • Perfect weld seam quality
  • Welds PP and PE (other materials on request)
  • Heavy Duty Extruder with a welding speed of up to 2.3kg/h
  • Welding rod diameter 3 or 4 mm
  • Maintenance-free hot-air blower
  • Adjustable grip
  • Multifunction display
  • Weighs 5.8kg
  • Power 3kW