Leister TRIAC ST Full Roofing Kit 120v

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The TRIAC ST FULL Roofing Kit will enable you to install and weld single ply roof membrane where overlap welding is required at the industry standards of 30mm or 40mm.

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The Leister TRIAC ST FULL Roofing Kit includes all the necessary LEISTER accessories to be able to weld roof membranes in the most cost effective and professional way. Fundamentally based on the TRIAC ST proven industry workhorse, the kit includes the LEISTER hot air tool of choice for Roofing professionals worldwide.

FULL Roofing Kit Contains: 

  • Leister TRIAC ST 120v
  • Leister 40mm Slot Nozzle
  • Leister 20mm Slot Nozzle
  • Leister 40mm Silicone Roller
  • Leister Penny Roller
  • Seam Inspection Probe
  • Roofing Shears
  • Wire Brush

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